Leipzig Saxonia Language Dialect Sachsen
Annual Folk Festival in Northern Germany called "Freimaak". Bremen Bremer Roland Celebration Freimaak Low German Oktoberfest Plattdeutsch Bremen City Celebrating Colorful Dialect Festival Folk Festival Gingerbread Market Stall Momument Northern Germany
おしずかに Have a safe trip back m(*^^*)m. Dialect Kanazawa Greetings TakeCare  Cool_collection Beauty_collection
hello there ;-) 0711 Architecture Banner - Sign Building Exterior Built Structure Day Dialect Egon Eiermann  Minimal Minimalism Minimalobsession No People Outdoors Schwäbisch Simplicity Stuggi Stuttgart Swabian Text Urban Exploration Urbanphotography Minimalist Architecture
ちみくる 。つねる、という意味らしい。 静岡 Shizuoka の 方言 Dialect ってなんかかわいいよね。
Ie bunt wa welkom moar..... Twents Dialect Kuieren Gezelligheid fotografie liefdevoorfotografie
静岡 Shizuoka の 方言 Dialect 。非常に熱い状態を意味するらしい。だから、徳利が釜を被ってるわけね。更に強調する場合は「ちんちこちん」と言うんだと。(笑)対義語は「キンキン」。これはよく使うね。「キンキコチン」は聞いたことないなぁ。 ちなみに、男女の仲睦まじい様を伝える時にも使うとついでに教えてもらった。 「ちんちんかもかも」…マヂかよ…
Multilanguage warning at Venice ferry Close-up Communication Dialect Languages No People Venice Ferry Warning Sign Warning Symbol
Indoors  Real People Communication Text Non-western Script Script Adult Store Business Language Dialect Canteen Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery Purist In Photography The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Nikon Oga Peninsula Japan
Cologne , Köln,  Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Clear Sky Close-up Cologne Cathedral Communication Copy Space Day Declaration Of Love Dialect Heart ❤ History Message No People Old Outdoors Religion Sign Sky Text Urban Wall Western Script