Repost from @raising_liberty with @repostapp I've heard many times (including today), "I wish I had an excuse to bring my dog everywhere" or "I wish my dog could come with me all the time". While those statements sound innocent let's take a second to think about what a service dog represents. A service dog is a dog specially trained to assist someone with a disability. Did you get that? A DISability. By making that statement you are implying that you'd like to have a disability, a condition, disease, or chronic affliction that severely limits you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. In essence you want to be forced to rely upon another being (human or canine) to accomplish every day tasks. It suddenly doesn't sound so fun does it? Service dogs are incredible, adorable, and intelligent but most if not all disabled individuals would give up the service dog in order to live a "normal" life. So next time you think, "Gee I sure wish I could bring my dog're so lucky!" think to yourself 'do I want the disability that comes along with it'? Servicedog Servicedogintraining Workingdog disability assistancedog newhorizonsservicedogs disabilityawareness
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I often get asked what I feed my dogs and why they are so muscular without supplements and the answer is Wellness Core but my dogs also get atleast an hour of exercise a day if you want results for your dog I suggest exercise and a very high in protein food source. - - [ Follow my partners @lovethelab @cutie_the_black_lab @tinkthekelpiecollie & @milointhemiddle_ ] - - Bullymax Bullylifetv Darkdynastyk9s OURPITPAGE Pitbullsofinstagram Pitmas Dogstagram Dogsofinstagram Weeklyfluff Workingdog Workingdogs Workingbreed Pitmixagram Pawtervention Petsofinstagram Photography Photooftheday Love Instagood
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