If your are in Saigon or ur a Saigonese you will probably fall in love with the local cafe called Caphesuada . Anoir wenor
A local Banhmi stand painting. Cô Tư bánh mì Bienhoa Subyone - Anoir
Blue day. Anoir NC Lazyguys Sai Gòn Việt Nam
Im just reborn from the mess ! Anoir NC Ncstore Graffitisaigon VietNam lazyguys
Anoir off the light. Anoir NC Lazyguys Graffitivietnam saigonlightpainting
All night observe in runnin'. Anoir NC Lazyguys Graffitivietnam Saigon bombing
Morning! Another day another place. Anoir Sixte Graffitivietnam NC lazyguys
Anoir. Saigon Handstyle Anoir NC LGS
Anoir NC Lazyguys Tagging hanstyle graffitivietnam Saigon
Morning Saigon !!! Anoir NC lazyguys bombing graffitivietnam
Drippy aholic. Anoir NC Lazyguys Graffitivietnam saigon tagging drippy