Bharathi Park

Raj Niwas -The official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry
The Aayi Mandapam at the centre of Bharathi Park.
When in a French town... To Parkour or not to Parkour.. That is the question.
@nocrop_rc Rcnocrop Park Monument (Aayi Mandapam) in the Government Park of Pondicherry Built in the centre of the beautiful Bharati Park, Park Monument (Aayi Mandapam) is one of the most iconic structures of Pondicherry. Named after a famous female courtesan named 'Aayi', this monument was built during the period of Napoleon III in the 16th century. According to folklore, Aayi destroyed her own house to build a reservoir to supply water in the city. Aayi Mandapam is an imposing milky white structure that flaunts Greco-Roman architecture. The presence of flowerbeds, well-manicured lawns and fountains creates a calm scene within the park.