One of my most cherishable moments was when I got voted in to be part of the RCL/Colt leadership at school. The story is as follows: I had left Suiderlig high school in 2004 after my grade 8 year & schooled at Potchefstroom at a school called Ferdinand Postma. I then came back to vaal, back at my alma mater, the school that I loved. I thought it be nice to run for the elections but knew that chances were slim as I had recently came back and couldn't compete with the more 'popular' kids. But because I just loved the fact that I was back and proud to be in the school I just decided to go for it nonetheless and give it my best try. Results: Thabiso Kgabung got voted in! I savoured every moment. Till today I use this incident as a staple of the phrase "nothing is impossible". TBT  Suiderlighigh Blue Coolestschoolever believeinyourself