Time to check out! Cosmopolitan hotel, you've been awesome! HongKong Seiko Diver Skx009j paracord weneededthis samsulsabroad
In formal mode today.. Seiko Diver Skx009j Skx009
New bezel insert for my baby!! I love the colour!! Seiko Skx009j Diver
Wore this baby to work today cos its half day!! Have a great NYE ppl!! Seiko Skx009 Skx009j
LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL!!!! A clear case back for my Skx009 Skx009j and a stainless steel shroud for my Srp453k1 !! My first mods for my 2 Seiko watches!
Seiko Diver out on a date Skx009j 4205 shashark
Its just one of those nights.. Seiko Skx009j Skx009 Srp453k1 iservicemyownwatches
My Seiko Diver Watches so far.. Skx009j skx009 6309 srp453k1 ... they are finally reunited!!!