Throwback to HongKong !! Taken at The Peak.. Truly awesome scenery up there.. Samsulsabroad Weneededthis
We're out!! Samsulsabroad Weneededthis
Thanks for an awesome first night here HongKong !! Work's gonna begin soon!! Weneededthis Samsulsabroad
We're off!! First time is hongkong! Samsulsabroad
New Vans all around!! Wootwoooot!! Weneededthis Samsulsabroad
We're off on an unofficial holiday!! We're off for work! Weneededthis Samsulsabroad
Throwback to our HongKong getaway.. It still seems so surreal.. The circumstances which brought us there seems too good to be true.. but yet, we are very thankful to God for this rare opportunity.. Alhamdulillah.. Samsulsabroad Weneededthis