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Avation Mueseum Aircraft Hidden Gems  Home Of The Spruce Goose Areoplane WillametteValley Yamhill County LOUD AND PROUD Water Park Extreme Water Park Water Slides Yahoooooo❤👏❤ This is the Evergreen aviation museum. Home of the Spruce Goose and it also boasts a Gnarly water park ,where you clibe up into a 747 and pick which slide to Splash down in. There is a Wavepool that has a Movie Screen so they can show movies about AirPlane ✈ 's like Top Gun and The Aviator it cost a few $$$but its Worth It  cuz Its Fun and its a one of a kind type of place!!!!✈🚅✈🇺🇸
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Marathon Viennacitymarathon Marathon2017 Austria Medal Winner Yahoooooo❤👏❤ Geschafft Österreich Laufen Laufer Wetter Tshirt Erstebank
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