Pretty sure one of these women gave birth to me secretly. Lol. WCW Womancrushwednesday BrigitteBardot Dollyparton NancySinatra pretty blonde idol
Buzios Riodejaneiro RJ Brazil Bar BrigitteBardot
"A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you." -Brigitte Bardot BrigitteBardot Quoteofthepast Oldphoto Canon lifesfunnylikethat tothepastbackfromthefuture
Flower Lifestyles Looking At Camera Blond Hair Smiling Person Nature Long Hair Mamuse Bbstyle BrigitteBardot Colors Coquelicot Dcphotographie Beauty In Nature Beautiful Girl
Early Xmas present from my dad! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I'm so happy right nowwww!:,D Spiritsofthedead Fredericofellini BrigitteBardot Alaindelon JaneFonda Peterfonda Terencestamp
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