Gonna give this a try this weekend and see how well it works. I love beach wavea but sometimes it is quite difficult for me to achieve that look simply because my hair is SO thick. MustHaveBox Popsugarmusthave Sachajuan
It's a beautiful hot summer day, so I was happy to try out this new body lotion when I got home from work. I really like the scent it leaves after sitting on my skin for a minute or two. (And the dog loves it. I spilled a drop on my comforter and he just kept... rubbing his face on it. Weirdo.) Value: $24 MustHaveBox Popsugarmusthave Sachajuan
Un bon bain Lush avec des masques visage et cheveux + le nouveau BIBA = perfect samedi soir ! Saturday Bath Relax Chilling Détente Evening Magazine Beauty Masque Hammam Sachajuan