Life is a jigsaw puzzle. The people around you are the small pieces and you are the big picture. With thousands of them portraying each part it may be hard to look back and recognize who are helping to build you up yet they still choose to stay with you everyday. With one detail missing you could never imagine what you would look like today. Every person is a special piece. Every person is an instrument. Every person is a piece that builds you every single day that if a particular piece doesn't exist the picture would be impossible. Sometimes the puzzle needs to transform into another better picture so Some may stay with you forever in the attic willing to be with you no matter how dusty you may get and some may leave. This day, another picture is created. Bigger. Better. Stronger. Braver. Bolder. AND THANKS FOR STAYING GUYS. I could not imagine life without you. Atleast in a single day of the year I could see how many back ups do I have (kidding). I could see how many of you shared life with me. My family and relatives. Consolatrician family. Noblesse family. Blockmates. Toledo friends. Lilo-an friends. Bohol friends. Facebook friends. Thanks ya'll. You really made my day. I may be a year older but here's to never growing up and tonight we're the cool kids at the party. I live for the way you cheer and scream for me and expect that I'll do the same for you. Live like 17 is the last number so do right and be the change you want the world to be and you'll see that it'll be enough. (unsa ka OA) (sorry sa errors kapoy review) Thank you sa mga ni greet nga advance pud kay ang uban sa wala pa. You still have an hour and a half. So do it. Now! Hehehe Thanksforstaying LivingSeventeen Stopthehate StarttheMusic
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