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Your lovely white light Subway Portraits Peoplephotography My Little China Girl Dem Fontana
- Have you seen Magnolia? - No, tio. I thought she died... - Amigo, Magnolia the movie, not your nena. - Fuck off! Do I look like a movie addict?! - Well, people used to talk about movies once... In the subway, you know... - I'd rather watch some fat asses, tio. Look around you: fat asses. Make love not home cinema! - You're raro! - Yep. And jubilado. Almost free like a bird, tio. You know nothing. - Da igual... Metro Madrid Peoplephotography Dem Fontana Subway Portraits
New Wave Geisha Women Peoplephotography Subway Portraits Dem Fontana
Other happy feet on the ground Dem Fontana Peoplephotography Cercanias Other People's Shoes
Googold search Peoplephotography Dem Fontana
Thanks Lady Dorothy for this... angel To Dorothy Argentina Dream Dem Fontana Love
I Wish  I Were A Tree Dem Fontana To You
Space - the last feria medieval Dem Fontana Peoplephotography feria medieval
Dem Fontana old woman puente Eliptica
Saying Goodbye Madrid Looking For Alaska  Dem Fontana Argentina Dream
Two-face Women Subway Portraits I See Faces Dem Fontana
42 Dem Fontana Peoplephotography Birthday
To Agnieszka Dem Fontana Argentina Dream Water Fountain Agnieszka
"... Surrounded by friends, strange to the friends, 'cause it was all about the music. What happened with the music? What happened with the soul? Where is the soul? Reshaped, repackaged. Sold out. They sold the soul out. He, he, he... We're still here? We're still here? We live for the shit. This is... this is our shit" Peoplephotography Dem Fontana Music Soul
Sorry, but she didn't show up. He wasn't there Dem Fontana Peoplephotography
Hasta pronto, Alcala de Henares! Peoplephotography Dem Fontana alcala de henares
She was singing and dancing. Her woman's world. And I was the lucky guy to eyewitness her joy. The mixture of alcohol and exotic perfumes, the makeup and the wig, her look deep into my soul, the electricity like a cloud of the most positive energies that surrounded me and some piece of space in a nowhere train to someone - well, I tell you, hermaNico, all of this could be blessing or could be just a sparkle of pure nothing. When she stood up to get off the train, I felt like a beautiful story came to its perfect happy end. Do you get it, bro? Do you? ('Argentina Dream' by Dem Fontana, a novel in progress, perhaps the best one, jej) Women Dem Fontana Subway Portraits Argentina Dream
Hey gente come to see me performing some poetry jam in Cafe Gadir Madrid. Hoy, a las 22. This young lady won't be there Dem Fontana Poetry Slam Cafe Gadir, Madrid Lady Wrapping A Cigarette
Happy esquina Spanglish Dem Fontana Subway Portraits Peoplephotography
My thirteen-minute companera throughout el underground camino Women Subway Portraits Dem Fontana Spanglish
The Old Man and The Grandson Peoplephotography Dem Fontana Metro Madrid Subway Portraits
Dem Fontana Argentina Dream Dog Tags Dorothy
Everything falls apart from dreams Graffiti People Love Words On Walls Dem Fontana
Metro Madrid Dem Fontana Anniversaire
Love in Linea 6 Dem Fontana Peoplephotography Subway Portraits Women
To Dorothy Maureen Choi Dem Fontana Argentina Dream Humans Vs Post Humans
Speak up your mind body Women Bodyshot Mindtheminimal Dem Fontana
Because you know She's all about that book,/ 'Bout that book, no trouble Metro Madrid Subway Portraits Peoplephotography Dem Fontana
I love this game! Peoplephotography Dem Fontana metro madrid
When a woman loves blah blah/ She waits for the right train on the wrong platform/ but the woman knows to wait for real/ blah-blah... Dem Fontana Peoplephotography Metro Madrid Waiting For A Train
Meet Suzanne and Danielle ;) Subway Portraits Peoplephotography Dem Fontana Women
It is supposed to be my wrong hand as long as I usually write about it with my right hand Peoplephotography Dem Fontana
Yep, nice touch Dem Fontana Peoplephotography Metro Madrid Cuzco
A woman always looks for one's shoulder Metro Madrid Dem Fontana Subway Portraits Women
Honey, what's on? Just a freakshow but now it's the commercials. Shall I bring you anything from the fridge? Yep, a lemon tree Dem Fontana Peoplephotography Metro Madrid Jolin Jaloin