Its a rainy day in the Wack but I'm taking this as a sign that our cups will over flow this weekend. Tonight, my church is having its annual conference called World Mandate and we are going to pack the Ferrell Center. People are coming from all over the U.S and World to be apart of this, its like a big family reunion. I'm expectant. I'm excited. I'm so ready. Also, check out Antioch Lives newest and sickest album; Our God Comes. Wacoisawonderland Wmconf Vscocam Afterlight
This weekend was on another level! Wmconf Wacoisawonderland Vscocam VSCO
Last night, things got super rowdy at Wmconf . We had people drumming, a light show with our phones, and people going absolutely wild EVERYWHERE. Nothing made my heart happier than seeing some of my roommates and closest friends getting cray on stage to @bpseibert dope song. I think its safe to say that we miss ya Brandon but we are so proud of you. Thank you for risking and showing us how its done. You are an honorable and gnarly man. Wmconf Vscocam Thisisnotyourregularchurchconfrence