Park Shore Waikiki

Can't Get Enough of Waikiki beach Sunshine Enjoying Life Taking Photos
Just in the mid-way.......... Hundreds of miles just ocean, 4,899 miles from New York, 4,030 miles from Tokyo Japan, 7,160 miles from Argentina, 5,673 miles from Australia, 7,280 miles from London, 5,303 miles from Russia & 7,803 miles from India. Taking Photos Enjoying Life Hanging Out Check This Out Hello World
Good morning and Aloha from amazing Hawaii state. View from hotel window. Vacations Traveling WorldTraveler Fun Tourist .
Calm after the storm....... Waikiki Beachphotography can't get any better than this!
Awesome view from the 18th floor. Taking Photos Enjoying Life Hello World
A great window view from from my hotel, a great storm approaches the wind was fast and furious..... Glad was over soon. Streetphotography Streetview Honolulu City Lights Nightphotography
Good day
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