之前剪毛時玩的造型。 明後兩天休息………手機也是。 20140711
20140711 , НовосибирскаяОбласть . Сибирские околки вечером/ Novosibirsk Region. Siberian scarifiying in the evening.
20140711 , НовосибирскаяОбласть . Сельская Дорога вечером/ Novosibirsk Region. Rural road in the evening.
20140711 , НовосибирскаяОбласть . Закат / Novosibirsk Region. Sunset.
In front of our Hostel.. This pix was taken by Korean tourist using my Samsung Note3. Hahahahazha.. He is expert using it ? Au Revoir See u next outing... We are leaving and back to our routine life. Chasing and build our dream to make it comes true ? Outing TRUSTY in Singapore Period 07-11 July 2014 20140711 Outing Singapore TRUSTY Fun Joy Travel Trip Teamwork Love joy
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