2009-2010 Moments Thestrokes Hair Closeeyes Blackandwhite Oldpicture Young Hi!
Doodles Mymind IdreamofNirvana Penpaperchallenge MessagetoGod Childishthoughts 2009-2010 Doodlecodes Revelation Red No People Subjective Vision
Iraq Ramadi Middle East Army Military Politics Children Farm War 2009-2010
Alabama Crimson Tide Aday Game 2009-2010 Football Footballislife Bama Scrimmage!! Bryant Denny Stadium Crimson Tide  Roll Tide  Go Bama Roll Tide Roll  Tuscaloosa Alabama Great Memories Taking Photos Beautiful Moment Football Player Football Team I Love Football Give'em Hell Alabama SEC Champions Nick Sabans Team
Ramadi Ramadi, Iraq Iraq Helicopter Army Military Gwot Sunset Middle East Politics Aviation 2009-2010 War
Afghanistan 2009-2010 War Zone That's Me
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