El Colima Restaurant

So pretty... (And it's not food!)
Mmmmmmargarita madness! Delicious
Adrienne's Triple Chocolate Caramel Chunk deliciousness. All I know is that there's 3 types of tequila and chocolate in it! :) Tequila FridayFun
Enjoying some fajitas with extra mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes at our fave Mexican place before the Reverse Manifest Destiny in Reverse soon...
Scuze me, sir. My glass seems to be broken. There's no more margarita...
Farewell fajitas... And Isaac gave me his giant slice of avocado. Moving Reversemanifestdestinyinreverse
Farewell margaritas. Moving Reversemanifestdestinyinreverse
Friday Fajitas and Margaritas fun!