Stream the whole album on my website Liveit WeDaCoolest AYoungReality designed by @moparker_photos
My first project AYoungReality r.i.p Ghost
New music on the website on for Da streets ft the Homie @iamphatal n a club Banger Unexplainable prod by @sirolivergrey hit the link in the Bio ???? LiveItBrands AYoungReality
Ive grew so much since this project...both in knowledge of business and life AYoungReality
AYoungReality release prty
Go Cop Liveit on Itunes off of AYoungReality
When you want to obtain success in any matter you must be willing to work 10x's harder than the simple desire to obtain that success Liveit Mdgofficial MysteryStreetRecordingCompany AYoungReality IdontDream work neversurrender adidas music fornoreasonthemixtape dabulls
The new website gonna be done soon Gettin all the mobile support together so you can buy the new dope shit right of ya ???? LiveItBrands LiveItEnt AYoungReality Liveit
If u want it go get it....its gonna be some clowns try to stop....just let em know they gonna have to do more than talk Liveit AYoungReality WeDaCoolest StackorStarve
Versacebagfullofwork AYoungReality
AYoungReality drops in 5 and a half hours