One of the dopest producers in Chicago n my Bro @cainwildbeats LiveItBrands WildbeatsTeam
@cainwildbeats messing wit the hook for my new song Mile Away prod by him LiveItEntertainmentGroup WildbeatsTeam follow us @mysterystreetrecording
Hit the link in bio and subscribe to my Vevo and watch my new video NewElement directed by @cainwildbeats LiveItEntertainmentGroup WildbeatsTeam regram music
3 in the morning we working! LiveItEntertainmentGroup MysteryStreetRecordingCompany WildbeatsTeam StackorStarve @live_it_ent @dylan_live_it_ent @cainwildbeats @stackorstarveapproved @mysterystreetrecording
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S.o @itsyagirlac n @hiphopdetroit for rockin wit me!!!! NewElement WildbeatsTeam Mdg Fornoreason Detroit upboyz work liveit
I promise I'm workin StudioFlow Liveit LiveItEntertainmentGroup WildbeatsTeam MysteryStreetRecordingCompany Chicago work rollup gas girlscoutcookies
Jus turnt it up for yall....go watch my new single shot by @ishotdat x @j_spealz aka @thegoodeyecollection prod by @wildbeatsteam @cainwildbeats links in bio LiveItBrands GoodEyeFilms WildbeatsTeam IAmNotARoleModel
FinalMix for the new joint DefineMe from me x @johnhill prod by @cxshcxpo x @johnhill mixed by me @mdgofficial LiveItEntGroup WildbeatsTeam MysteryStreetRecordingCompany RukusRegime
Bout to drop this joint today "No Tommorow" ft me and the 31TeethBeast @iamphatal produced by @cainwildbeats LiveItBrands WildbeatsTeam WeRChicago MDG pYFr
Muh fuckas be grindin MysteryStreetRecordingCompany LiveItEntGroup WildbeatsTeam Hitmakers resumes in this bitch crazy lil bro makin a beat @cainwildbeats