IAmNotARoleModel links in the bio Download Liveit LiveItBrands LiveItEntertainment
Video Shoot going down tomorrow.....this shit gonna be Epic IAmNotARoleModel Mdg LiveItBrands StackorStarve LiveIt
I was voted most likely to fail amongst my peers....shows what opinions mean Liveit LiveItBrands MysteryStreet Analog Artist Engineer MusicKeepsMeSane AllIDoIsGrind
Ma we came a long way from mayonnaise sammiches LiveItBrands Liveit
Officeflow LiveItBrands
Every fuck up downfall broke day jail cell or park bench I ever slept on was worth it because I'm doing what I love wit the ones I love....I told these bitches I was gonna make a way n we on that way LiveItBrands @dylan_live_it_ent get @ my lil Bro for the ????on the beats
Got @billibadazz in the Booth LiveItBrands
Even I couldn't kill me I understand why I'm a make the world scream LiveItBrands
Sacrifice and hustle Liveit LiveItBrands LiveItEntertainment IAmNotARoleModel DOWNLOAD LINKS IN BIO
M.D.G is dead as a artist....Marcus Derek is me my name who put it on the line took the losses bounced back took some more made some mistakes....but still gonna be the real shit ppl love LiveItBrands MarcusDerek
Y would i care what u link in bio IAmNotARoleModel Liveit LiveItBrands
Who Ain't Seen This Video Diamondintherough dir by @peoplezsinatra Diamondintherough LiveItBrands MarcusDerek
Don't spend ur life tryna force relationships... n know some people close to will turn so jealous of your grind and will to win LiveItBrands
In this bitch doing what I do @ Studio 11 LiveItBrands HoweverUSeeThingsLifeExpectsResults
we dont boast but.we dont that Liveit LiveItBrands LiveItEntertainment BigAssFortyOnME
Putting in work for our support LiveItBrands
Just left the studio......headed to breakfast with not a worry LiveItBrands
Ima make the world scream it Liveit LiveItBrands LiveItEntertainment