New Bedford Whaling Museum

This weekend
Having a "whale" of a time at the Newbedford @whalingmuseum. Here are four complete skeletons: from left, a 15-year old female Northern Right Whale and her unborn 12-month old fetus, a juvenile Blue Whale (with about 10-15 feet more to grow), and a humpback Whale .
EyeEm Select - the ship inside the museum. The Lagoda is the largest replica of a ship made and sits inside the New Bedford Whaling Museum. It is very cool. Exploremore History Through The Lens  Yikes! Museum Things I See Unfiltered Unedited Unfiltered Unedited Natural Light Sailing Ship Sail Mast Beautiful Place Whaling Replica  Ship EyeEm Selects Architecture Built Structure Indoors  No People Metal Low Angle View Day Industry Connection Building Travel
Only a small piece to the history of whaling History Fish Vase Whale Whaling Museum Art Close-up Representing
Boat model Close-up Boat Commercial Fishing Net Fisherman Mast Moored Outrigger Fishing Tackle Water Vehicle Fishing Net Sailing Boat Tall Ship Sailboat Fishing Industry Nautical Vessel Scrap Metal Buoy Spoke Port