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久々にエフェクトボード出してみましたが、 どこ踏んだら何の音出るか完全に忘れてますね、はい。 Guitar ギター Guitarist Guitars エフェクター エフェクターボード EFFECTOR Effects EffectsUnit Effectspedals BigMuff BigMuffPi Electroharmonix FUZZ Maxon Delay Xotic Booster MXR Phase90 Phaser Boss Tremoro KORG Tuner providence band bands music rock
The View View Guitar Music BigMuff Rock credit:ThePhospheneScream
Mettere prima Waters di Gilmour è un sacrilegio, ma la vignetta mi piace troppo !! Pink Floyd Only Mind  The Division Bell Thedarksidrofthemoon The Wall Animals David Gilmour BigMuff Soundofsound
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