My daughter <3 Nofuckingfiltter lol <3 JayLeah
My everything & more <3 JayLeah Daughter
So exactly 6 months ago today (18th) i was laying in bed gettin all my birthday wishes on fb an then at 2 am the unexpected happened, my water broke an by 4:10 am i gave birth to this amazing, flawless, beautiful smart baby girl. I felt love for the first time, i must say yuh were worth the 2 hours of labor lol yes only 2 hours & i will forever do it again just cause yuh make mii the most happiest mother in the world, just seeing yur face every day is a blessing & i could go on for ever about how amazing & blessed i am to have such an amazing girl in my life & get to share every birth day with!!! (09`18`93) & (09`18`12) Iloveyou JayLeah Marie Santiago ForEver & Always
-___- these two right here snore loud af....& guess whos bed there in tonight ;) lol ohhhhhh thats right sleep for mii I guess -_____- Littlesister Ayanna Daughter JayLeah loudassSleepers notcool
Went threw hell for my princess lol <3 JayLeah
OMFG!!!! Caught her smiling at Mii <333333333 ughhhhh I love my daughter so damn much Mytwin Mydaughter MyEVERTHING JayLeah O.E
Daughter <3 JayLeah
My EVERYTHING, My HEART, My SOUL, My WORLD!! My DAUGHTER, she is the reason i breath, the reason i wake up & push my self all day from the second i open my eyes. JayLeah Marie Santiago iloveyou baby girl!! (09'18'93&09'18'12) <3
Mommys nena <3 JayLeah
Id be lost with out my daughter <3 JayLeah Marie Santiago
(09'18'93)&(09'18'12) Mii^^______^^MyDaughter JayLeah <3
Shes all i got at the moment so idgaf how many pix i post, she is my angle JayLeah <3
She stay biting mii when she watches tv lol JayLeah <3
MyCuzo Cason Mydaughter JayLeah <333 Soooo cute ^.^
My daughter is my life! Boobie JayLeah Mommy Love for ever unbreakable bond <3