Red Baloons Earlyevening Gored Sky Blue Sky Blue City Istanbul
I want to say thank you to @glamdollzbeauty my make up artist and my model @kristellito for the great memories to keep me in a lifetime moment for life. You both have understood and believed in my vision and made this day perfect. Thank you both for amazing jobs. Just starting this chapter in my life and reaching my goal with your help. I want to say thank you to Val my mentor who played a key role in helping me complete my dress, believing in my ambition and I am honored to be under her wing. I want to say thank you to my class mates who helped me as well, Victor, Jackie, Romie all of you did an amazing Job. #fashiondesigner #fashionaddict #fashion #fashionlove #success #first #dress #ever #made #timesoflife #memory #progress #project #supporting #aiproud #goredmn #mallofamerica I want to wish you all the best on your journey to life. Fashion Gored
- Good job to Bray, you did really great. 3 Punkass Beatthetigers Gored ❤ @breezydamack3
THAT SMILE, ?⚽ Ger Germany Gored ?????
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