Watching American history x pretty good fp :p Help Follow Anx DEP sue ed ednos amricanhistoryx racism movie goodmovie fine f4f book movies follow4follow followforfollow
First day of college now ,-, shittttttttttttt. College Wellshit Anx DEP worried deb no hope life sue ed ednos firstday loner worthless f4f fff follow followforfollow follow4follow
New school soon ;-; so fucking worried .-. Gonna be so self conscious / anxious on first day ;-; Anx Quote Lyric  Anxious  school summer newschool nash fucked emo bullied f4f fff follow follow4follow followforfollow
ბაბუა სოფელი შუხუთი Oldman Grandfather Village Village Life Anx Georgia
If this is what anxiety is then i have it ._. I really cant stand mind games or drama anymore just want people to be real with me. .-. Anx Anxiety  Worthless Ugly happy sad writing real truth issues drama dep sue mi mental f4f fff follow followforfollow follow4followv
{Dont worry what they tell themselves when your away} Actually turns out i have social anxiety. .-, merple. Has Social anxiety and still manages to have an awesome , beautiful gf , whoop :3 cant wait to spend time with her tomorrow :') Socialanxiety Anx Anxiety  DEP sue ana ed ednos social sociology issues problems ohwell f4f fff fatass feelings follow4follow followforfollow
"It wouldnt take much to break my heart :p so please dont try" anyways cant sleep but feel to awkward to message people ._. Ribs Anx DEP Deb sue ana ed ednos heartbreak love romance biology fuckup worthless f4f ffs fml fucksake follow4follow followforfollow follow