To my beautiful sister: One you don't look 30 so that means I won't eitherr. Two I wouldn't change anything about you, and Threee HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I'm so lucky to have you. You are always there when I need you, especially with school, boys, basic bitches, life and our family! I know God does things for a reason but he made no mistake making you my sister <3 I wish I was with you so we can drinkk our faces off; maybe steal some of mommy's rum, or maybe get georgi or shotgun a beer but we will be together soon. And it will be worth it! HappyBirthday Bloodthickerthanwaterright Clarkgirls Thebig30
My lil sis @nfw_701 made this amazing canvas for my 30th bday from foraged twigs and tissue paper @its_my_week Myweekoffoundandforaged Starforager Amazingsis Thebig30 Supertalented Twigart TissuePaper Blossom Canvas
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3/11 Bday TurnUp Pisces March Thebig30 Exciting Happiness Oldie  IMadeItYaBish