Lunch time at legal runners. Quinoa stuffed Avocado topped with Walnut Meat served on a bed of spinach. Whatveganseat Buenavegansocialclub Legalrunners VEGANLIFE veganlunchtime vegan
Lunchtime at Legal Runners Lasagne with Stuffed mushrooms, Garlic Bread and Salad in an Italian Vinaigrette Whatveganseat GoVegan Legalrunners Buenavegansocialclub thisischicago
Vegan Pizza Party Whatveganseat Veganchef Thebuenavegansocialclub Legalrunners mamamiapizzeria
Vegan Dip Dippitydoodaa Whatveganseat Legalrunners Thebuenavegansocialclub
Guatita(Ecuadorian peanut stew) with garlic jasmine rice, sweet plantains and pickled red onion Whatveganseat Guatita Legalrunners Vegancomfortfood thebuenavegansocialclub
Tempeh Cacciatore, Pesto pasta, roasted pepper and potatoes Whatveganseat Buenavegansocialclub Legalrunners Vegancomfortfood
Fresh Tomato Basil bruschetta on grilled garlic bread Springvibe Legalrunners Buenavegansocialclub Thebuenavegansocialclub whatveganseat whatvegans8 yourhealthisyourwealth
Lunch at Legal Runners today.Veggie Quesadillas on sprouted tortillas. Raw Tacos (cashew Chipotle cheese,chia guacamole, walnut meat, pine nuts and hemp seed sour cream, cacao Mole on romaine lettuce) Incan quinoa pilaf (quinoa, corn, chia seed,hemp seed) Whatveganseat Buenavegansocialclub VEGANLIFE Legalrunners Navitasnaturals rawvegan