Coffee Trip☕🎌Coffeeaddict Honeynoon Japanesestylecafe Bangkok
Like the rather mild tasting Matcha Latte of this place. The Matcha doesn't have that overwhelmeingly metallic taste typical of those other matcha latte served at other places and not too sweet too. Burpple Thetastemakerstore Japanesestylecafe Cafesg matchalatte hdbcafe
เธอคือของขวัญ :) Thebox Japanesestylecafe Sweet Tooth
Guess you are not considered to be a café if you don't serve some sort of waffles, pancakes or French toastes. Yes, they serve waffles too now. This is the Waffles with Chocolate Gelato. Despite looking not very dark, it is actually dark chocolate gelato. Not something outstanding but still quite decent. As for the waffles, they are very crispy but not hard and rather airy. It has a very "bready" taste to it but lack that buttery taste which lot of people like. Overall, quite enjoyable and no frill. Burpple Thetastemakerstore Japanesestylecafe Cafesg hdbcafe waffles gelato
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