Plain Vanilla Bakery

Delightful little Strawberry White Chocolate Cupcake! Plain Vanilla's stuffs tends to be rather on the sweeter than normal side but I quite like them! Burpple Plainvanillabakery Pvbakery Plainvanilla strawberrywhitechocolatecupcake cupcake bakerycafe
Bakery Nikon D750, 50mm f1.8, 1/200, ISO 1600
Found these Chocolate & Cream Short Bread to be a bit dry. Burpple Plainvanillabakery Pvbakery Plainvanilla chocolatencreamshortbread shortbread bakerycafe
Like this Raspberry & Lime Teacake even though it tastes very sweet. Burpple Plainvanillabakery Plainvanilla Pvbakery bakerycafe raspberrynlimeteacake teacake
This rustic & country feel bakery is just diagonally opposite from the wildly popular 40 Hands. The swing at the front, the wooden tables and draping dried plants really make this place rather charming. Burpple Plainvanilla Pvbakery Plainvanillabakery bakerycafe bakery Picts courtesy of @oftokyonparis