Dashner is killing me with all his works even after The Maze Runner trilogy. // JamesDasher
Book I am done reading Themazerunner ... • first in the trilogy of the maze runner. • favorite friendships Alby and Newt.... Thomas and Chuck.... Minho and Thomas. • I really liked the book and willing to continue reading the second and the third too. • I would like to thank JamesDasher and punch him in the nose for killing many characters. • the book can portrait more than one aspect, and gives lots of will power. • I liked the descriptions of many things in it.. Which make me not 100% sure about the movie to be honest, I just saw the trailer many good things other I don't remember them as I read them, still I will give the movie a go and watch it ??...
A leer MazeRunner JamesDasher Boy Dylan O'Brien  ?