Let's start the next challenge for THECHALLENGIGER. Theme: creative_challengigers Show us your creative side! Whether photomontages, drawings, or optical illusions. Everything is allowed - the main thing is creative. (Clouds, sunsets or flowers are in most cases not exceptionally creative) This time you have even a chance to win a cool set of magnets to your Instagram images of @stickygram ( - sponsored by @kritzmania Tag as many new and archive photos you want @thechallengigers Creative_challengigers and Thechallengigers You will have until Saturday 9am EST (New York) to tag your entries. Enjoy posting! The Winner will be featured on this page for a day and will be our co-judge for the next challenge. Post only original photos because we ChallengIGERS believe that "those who steal are desperate and it's a crime!!" +++ Join, Like and Follow us!!! +++ @thechallengigers is run by @prodigiouskenny (founder) and @ryanpostel and @kritzmania (moderators) +++ Have an idea for our next challenge? tag it to Next_challengigers (provide photo and title of the challenge)