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Dolphins Love Freedom I attended a congress and one of the speakers was AG Saño- visual artist and environmentalist. i was really inspired by his advocacy towards making sure that dolphins are free. i got a chance before to see the movie "the cove"- a docu about the dolphins in taiji,japan. Hundreds of dolphins were killed in that "cove". i really felt bad about the docu but i did not do anything to help fight against cruelty towards the dolphin. now i got a chance to do my small share in spreading awareness through the advocacy of this great man, AG. Free the dolphins. Stop animal cruelty. i know majority of the japanese people love dolphins also. dolphins that are in the open sea----swimming freely. Thecove Cove Japan Dolphins freedom ecosystem dolphinslovefreedom agsaño ocean sea dolphin underwater environmentalist love respect animalcruelty
Cowspiracy is a documentary that addresses the issue of unsustainable agribusiness. The world's current food production infrastructure, policies, & methods that the meat, dairy, & government corporations, do not want the public to be aware of. Many environmental groups do little if anything to bring this issue into the political & social spot light. This is a film that everyone needs to see. Think about the kind of future you want to create for yourself, what kind of world do you want your children to grow up in? You can find this Film on Netflix DoTheRightThing Compassion MakeInformedChoices Vegan Vegitarian Thecove Earthlings Sustainability Environmental Deforestation Ocean Conservation Environmentalist Animalrights FoodSecurity
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