Bottles in a crate next to a door. That's the best quote I could come up with today.. πŸ€” Monochrome Photography Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends P510 Monochrome B&w Bnw Vintage Old Old Buildings Blackandwhite No People Door Bottle Table Outdoors Dutch Ground Level View Low Angle View Nikon Black And White Blackandwhite Photography Black
That awkward moment when you look down and make eye contact with someone who's looking up... Tadaa Community | Deep Thoughts | P510 | At The Airport | Blackandwhite | Monochrome | Eye4black&white  | Streetphotography Welcome To Black The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards
🌰 Tadaa Community | Nature_collection | Nature | P510 | Wildlife | Scrat | Squirrel | EyeEm Nature Lover | Nuts
G r e a t B a l l O f F i r e Tadaa Community | P510 | Sun | Sunset | Orange | Nature | Shot From My Balcony | Summertime | Nature_collection | Summer
When I lived on the water. Southstraddie Photography Petes2506 P510 GoldCoast Ilovegoldcoast Queensland Houseboat
"Pictures are better than words because some words are big and hard to understand." [Peter Griffin] ~ Tadaa Community ~ EyeEm Nature Lover ~ Colorsplash ~ P510 ~ Not Completely Black & White The Great Outdoors
The Amazing Human Body | Tadaa Community | P510 | Riding Roller Coasters | Can't Think Of Another Tag EyeEm x WhiteWall: Architecture The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards
N y c t o p h i l i a ~ (n.) Love of darkness or night. Finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness. Tadaa Community | P510 | Nature_collection | EyeEm Best Shots - Nature | EyeEm Nature Lover | Flowers | Flowerporn | Colorsplash | Dark The Great Outdoors
U r b a n W i l d l i f e Tadaa Community | Shot From My Balcony | Nature | P510 | Wildlife
Love β™₯ Travel Amigos P510 Nikon Viaje 😎
O n S t a g e ~ Tadaa Community ~ Black & White ~ Streetphotography ~ P510
I wanna thank everyone for all your feedback and virtual friendship :) I know I'm not as active in EyeEm as I was in Tadaa, and I missed a lot of replies and great photo's from a lot of you. I hope I'm able to change that in the upcoming year. Hey at least I updated my EyeEm :) In case this is the last photo I'm posting this year, I wish you guys a Happy New Year and watch your fingers when you light fireworks. ☝️??? Tadaa Community ~ EyeEm Nature Lover ~ Blackandwhite ~ P510 ~ Macro Nature ~ Can't Think Of Another Tag
E s c a p e ~ Wednesday Sky ~ Tadaa Community ~ Eye Em Nature Lover ~ P510 Out Of The Box
Caution: This photo contains nuts. Tadaa Community ~ Autumn ~ Nature ~ P510
S I G N S Tadaa Community | Summer | P510 | Summer Views | Streetphotography | Reflection | People | Street Photography | Walking Around The Great Outdoors Mobility In Mega Cities
Backgrounds Blackandwhite Close-up Cropped Dark Detail Drops EyeEm Nature Lover Focus On Foreground Full Frame Illuminated Leaf Monochrome Nature Night No People P510 Palm Trees Rain Shootermag Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Weather Showcase July
Bnw_friday_eyeemchallenge ~ Written_in_their_faces ~ Black & White ~ P510
Did I close my car window? Tadaa Friends | Tadaa Community | No People | Winter | Snow | Angrybirds | Bird | Outside | Nature | Nature Photography P510 | Cold
D u c k ~ Tadaa Community ~ Eye Em Nature Lover ~ Black & White ~ P510
"I think I'm going in circles..." Winter Snow Cold Temperature Outdoors Nature Day One Animal Tadaa Community Tadaa Nature Nature_collection How The Dinosaurs Really Died Sunset Sunset_collection Melancholic Landscapes Winter Wonderland Walking Around Lonely Frozen Shootermag White Album Atmospheric Mood P510 Wintertime Animals In The Wild
Ladies and gentlemen, if you look on your right you will see an amature photographer down there who has uploaded us for a 45Β° angle turquoise mission in EyeEm. Turquoise By Motorola | Tadaa Community | Airplane | Traveling | P510 | Lookingup
~Spot the person~ Green Color Tree Waterfall Scenics Forest Beauty In Nature Nature Growth Non-urban Scene Tranquility Tranquil Scene Water Tree Trunk Plant Moss Mountain Remote Stream Green Day Tadaa Community P510 EyeEm Nature Lover Nature The Great Outdoors
Sunset under construction ~ Tadaa Community | Nature | P510 | TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) | Sunset Silhouette | Sunset | Orange | Shot From My Balcony
What's that noise? ~ Tadaa Community ~ How The Dinosaurs Really Died ~ P510 ~ Can't Think Of Another Tag
Dubai city Nikon CoolpixP520 Coolpixp510 Coolpixp900 Photography Nature Beautiful Nikonphotography Coolpix Photo P510 Nofilter 摜 Sunset Nikoncoolpixp900 Nikoncoolpixp520 P900 NikonP900 Nikoncoolpix Landscape Lake Streetphotography Stayandwander Spring Sky dubai alamiri2012 united_arab_emirates exploring
When Light Nature Photography Opportunity combine Petes2506 . Ig_captures Nature Nikon P510
A c h o o ~ Tadaa Community | Shot From My Balcony | Nature | P510 | Nature_collection | Blackandwhite | EyeEm Bnw | Monochrome | My Best Photo 2015 | EyeEm Nature Lover The Great Outdoors
Κ„ΰ½žΖ‘Κ‚Ι¬αƒ§ II Leaf Sunlight Close-up No People Day Outdoors Leaves Autumn Nature Macro Frost Ice Winter Wintertime Melancholic Landscapes Melancholy Tadaa Community Tadaa Ground Shootermag Nature Photography Nature_collection Low Angle View P510 Freshness The Great Outdoors Perspectives On Nature
Keep your head up ~ Tadaa Community ~ Eye Em Nature Lover ~ Light And Shadow ~ P510
Edit a picture: 10 minutes. Google a quote: 3 hours Shades Of Grey | Tadaa Community | Eye4black&white  | Monochrome | P510 | Deep Thoughts | Nature_collection | Mountains | Blackandwhite | Nature Welcome To Black The Great Outdoors Live For The Story
There are two rules for success: 1. Never tell everything you know. ~ Roger H. Lincoln ~ Tadaa Community | EyeEm Nature Lover | Nature_collection | P510 | Sunset | Sunset Silhouette | Nature | TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) | EyeEm Best Shots - Nature | My Best Photo 2015 The Great Outdoors Perspectives On Nature
Nikon Nikon Coolpix P510 P510 Sign Beauty In Nature Black Blackandwhite Coolpix Day Digital Camera Forest Forrest Growth Landscape Nature Needles No People Outdoors Scenics Sky Tranquility Tree White
Silver pond life Ilovegoldcoast Pond Nature Tranquility Nikon P510 Kirra GoldCoast ast
A l o n e Tadaa Community | Bnw | Bw_collection | Eye4black&white  | Eye Em Nature Lover | EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White | Monochrome | Blackandwhite | P510 | Showcase: November
Alright, so I couldn't decide wether to post the color one or the black & white one. πŸ™„ So I post both πŸ€“ And for some reason the Auto Tag function keeps suggesting my location is Simo Finland ☝🏼️😐 Mysterious.. B&w Beauty In Nature Blackandwhite Close-up Day EyeEm Nature Lover Focus On Foreground Grass Growth Nature Nature_collection No People Outdoors P510 Plant Selective Focus Shootermag Showcase July Sky Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tranquil Scene Tranquility Twig Vignette Welcome To Black
This flower needs ironing. The Essence Of Summer Red Flowers Flowerporn Nature Nature's Diversities Green Outdoors Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover Selective Focus Focus On Foreground Close-up Macro Macro_collection Bokeh Bokeh Photography Tadaa Community Beauty In Nature Poppy Botany Blooming P510 Tadaa Friends Tranquil Scene
Let's all take a moment... and be thankfull that spiders don't fly. Tadaa Community | Fall Beauty | Nature_collection | EyeEm Best Shots - Nature | Nature | My Best Photo 2015 | P510 | Eye Em Nature Lover | Smartassquotes | Autumn The Great Outdoors Perspectives On Nature
Sentinel of time. Ig_captures_decay Ig_captures Ilovegoldcoast GoldCoast Nature Nikon Petes2506 P510 Southstraddie Stradroke_island
The stuff that dreams are made of Nature Close-up Plant Beauty In Nature No People Growth Outdoors Fragility Day Shootermag P510 Sunset Sunset_collection Tadaa Community Macro Photography Pastel Fluffy Tadaa Friends Nature Photography Nature Flower Sunset Silhouettes Melancholic Landscapes Atmospheric Mood Freshness
Meanwhile, in the Netherlands.... Tadaa Community | P510 | Windmill | Night | Two Birds Talking To Each Other | Monochrome | Bnw | EyeEm Bnw | Blackandwhite | Bw_collection
Stars Coolpix P510 Nikon Coolpix P510 Space Astronomy Star - Space No People Night Backgrounds Nature Sky Galaxy Outdoors Scenics Constellation
Stand Out From The Cloud. Oh... wait.. ~ Stand Out From The Crowd ~ Tadaa Community ~ P510 ~ Clouds ~ EyeEm Best Shots ~ Blackandwhite ~ EyeEm Bnw ~ Mountains ~ Monochrome Welcome To Black The Great Outdoors
For the victims in Paris. And I better not say here what else is on my mind. 🌿 Tadaa Community | P510 | Eye Em Nature Lover | Nature | Nature_collection | Foggy | Fall Beauty | Showcase: November The Great Outdoors
~ I always learn from the mistakes of others who take my advice ~ Tadaa Community | Almost Black&white | P510 | Nature | Deep Thoughts | Nature_collection | Flowerporn | EyeEm Nature Lover | Macroclique | Deceptively Simple Perspectives On Nature
H i d i n g ~ Tadaa Community ~ Eye Em Nature Lover ~ Light And Shadow ~ P510
Don't you just hate losing your house keys at night? Tadaa Community | Bw_collection | Blackandwhite | EyeEm Bnw | Monochrome | Night | P510 | Bird With Flashlight
πŸ‹ ~ Tadaa Community | Sunset | Sunset Silhouette | TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) | P510 | Nature | EyeEm Nature Lover | Can't Think Of Another Tag
The grass is always greener on the other side. Cause that's where I let my dog poop. 🐢 Tadaa Community | Nature | TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) | P510 | Green | Nature_collection | Depth Of Field | Bokeh | My Best Photo 2015 | EyeEm Best Shots - Nature The Great Outdoors
A small step for man.... A giant leap for women. | Tadaa Community | Shot From My Balcony | P510 | Moon | Can't Think Of Another Tag | Deceptively Simple
C h e e s e ~ Tadaa Community ~ Self Portrait ~ Blackandwhite ~ P510