The Sun Is Shining! Too Bright Roof Ceiling EvenThough Blackandwhite
My World Of Food Chole Bhature NotSoManyPeopleAreBraveEnough ToPutThisMuchFat EvenThough Favourite Breakfast Indian Thingy Amritsari
Finally back in the Gym !!! I took a few weeks off to try working out at home (wasn't really a good idea)... I plan on getting my weight back up! (I lost 17 pounds since March) EvenThough I'm working basically full time and I'm taking 2 senior Summer courses, I'm gonna start Bombing y'all with fitness pics again lol. FitLyfe4Life NeverLostThePassion
smallest hibiscus flower Flower Beautiful EvenThough Small
MyBabyBoy Ilovemydaddy EvenThough Funny Times Funny Shirts Littlebrother Handsome Boy Readmymind Just Chillin' CuteFace
Smlie Though Your Heart EvenThough It's Broken Love Likes Like
Just messing around with photoshop...FlamedUp EvenThough IHad TheBlues SoHard UKnowIWas Crippin RIPGalaxy4 LOL