Touchdown in Philly DWMTM Swag Fresh Finesse smoovegang donthateme shine goodlife
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Why get mad at me cause I'm that nigga everybody love ? DWMTM
Go for the gold ? DWMTM
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Young nigga DWMTM
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R.I.p to Lilsnupe DreamChaser DWMTM
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Sometimes I just think to my self real man chase his dream but only haters going to knock you off but they can't DWMTM ✌
Black n white DWMTM
Ppl say hate is a strong word well you can me now DWMTM
DWMTM ✈✈✈✈✈
Freemeekmill DWMTM
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DWMTM : I know y'all bixx axx niccas ain't feelin what am feeling. The resurrection of my oldie rollie... Real niccas respect n show it. @MeekMill dope axx nicca on da rhymes killin these foes er'way. Salute the BiG. WMg
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