Lancaster, NH

Covered Bridge Autumn🍁🍁🍁
Small town life at the end of Summer.
Lonely park bench
Cats Eyes
Nature has a way of making everything look beautiful.
Moths in the Fall air.
Capture The Moment
Just mushrooms, Nature's face on the ground.
Love Dead Things
Lonely park bench 3
Beautiful fall color
Old Dam Back In The Old Days
Lonely park bench 2
Train Tracks To No Where
Self Portrait Around The World hiking along the train tracks in the woods and found a little sign of fall.
Vines growing through the pines.
In nature even death is beautiful.
Autumn River View
Self Portrait Around The World
My precious little boy kitty.
My little best friend
Time To Play  Cat Lovers I Love My Cat ❤
Morning Coffee
Learn & Shoot: Leading Lines