Even plants perceived as weeds are beautiful and fragrant. A lesson to learn from nature.
Last photo of the night. Good night, moon.
Nature don't need no stinkin' filter!
Out for a walk
A fine end to a fine Sunday. It didn't rain for once. And there is potential for Alcide nakedness later. Life is good.
Beauty in nature
Plus Pandora radio = where I will be for the rest of the day. Peace out. Underhillvt Coffee hammock Summerday lazysunday cloudporn cheers day1beginstomorrow
And for the finale.....
I need a job where I do nothing but take photographs of clouds. So fascinating. Just sitting here on the porch watching the pinks and blues and grays go by.
Oh hai! Here I am being all cute on the couch....again.
I have a fascination with clouds....wishing I could fly away through those above.
Lunch! Turning the corner for new healthy habits (and some old ones too Mmmmmmm Mr Dixon). Lunch Healthier Geek Weekend
Photobombed by the dog. Relaxing Coffee Mentalfloss Magazine brownandjenkins chocolatecoconut coffee bigdogproblems daniff mastidane dontwanttogobacktoreality
Oh hai! Willow is waiting on bugs to fly into her beak. Yes, her name is Willow. Don't judge.
Day 2: Extremely thankful for the DVR. Easing into my day with a cup of coffee and watching last night's Dracula. 30daysofthanks_nov2013 Dracula Goodmorning