The Arena Newnanga Nerdgirlproblems Arena TWD thewalkingdead governor vscocam vscopictures vscobuilding ga ruralgeorgia
Decaying buildings used on The Walking Dead. TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems Haralsonga esco vsco vscocam vscopictures vscobuilding ga ruralgeorgia
Best flea market find yet. LOTR goblets circa 2001. A fine vintage. Fleamarketfind LOTR Nerdgirlproblems Fellowshipofthering youjelly
Mat said welcome. The real mat from the Clear episode. Clear TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems grantvillega matsaidwelcome michonne
All roads lead to Terminus TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems Senoiaga vsco vscocam vscopictures vscostructure ga ruralgeorgia
TWD fans..... Name this location Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems Griffinga TWD roadtrip ruralgeorgia ruralamerica forgottenamerica barn notwhatyouarethinking
Bring me Solo and the Wookie.... Ho Ho Ho Caturday Nerdgirlproblems Jabba
Books Library Library Book Read Reading Hanging Out Relaxing Weekend Bookworm Book Nerdy Nerdgirlproblems If paradise is like this, I will be the happiest soul!
Clear. Morgan Clear Grantvillega Nerdgirlproblems twd thewalkingdead
From the opening credits of The Walking Dead. Old structures are fascinating TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems Haralsonga esco vsco vscocam vscopictures vscobuilding ga ruralgeorgia
Truth Nerdgirlproblems Fangasm
Meandering our way out of Beantown. Fabulous day with some fabulous bitches! Bostonma Roadtrip Comiccon Nerdgirlproblems friends
My vast tshirt collection is growing too big for my closet... Nerdgirlproblems
G'mornin, world. Let's be weird today. Goodmorning Nerdgirlproblems Truth Dontbeahater
Goofy Portrait Nerdgirlproblems Women Strange Things People LOL Moment <3 Im Weird And I Know It Real People One Person Indoors
As I travel down life's pathway...... TWD with the big dawg. Again. TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems
Story sync and TWD ready to go. My money is on Karen going down in this episode, at least. Amcstorysync TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems tyreese
Today is the best Loot Crate Day ever. You don't understand, like, EVER! Nerdgirlproblems Lootcrate Lootcrateaugust2014 Heroes awesome groot tmnt awesome youjelly
Yes!!! This came out on the 19th and I got my copy today!! Thewalkingdead Graphicnovel Nerdgirlproblems
Tracks to Terminus. No, really. Glenn finds the first Terminus sign at this location. Griffinga TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems vsco vscocam vscopictures glenn
Who should I be today? Nerdgirlproblems Bostoncomiccon purchase Serenity Firefly agentsofshield deanwinchester starkindustries awesome
Another awesome Bostoncomiccon purchase. Although not my first Doctor  , will always be my favorite. Nerdgirlproblems doctorwho thedoctor
So cool that I know the guy Daryl is currently digging into! TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems Daryl professorwoodchuckwalker chazlounge awesome
Downtown Sharpsburg. The Pharmacy where Glenn and Maggie make a medicine run. Sharpsburgga TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems vsco vscocam vscopictures vscobuilding ga ruralgeorgia
Milton's experiment building and where Andrea died. TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems Senoiaga vsco vscocam vscopictures vscobuilding ga ruralgeorgia
Coolest Christmas present ever. Got it back from the frame guy today. Can't get a pic without the glare but you get the jist of its awesomeness. Theprincessbride Nerdgirlproblems Bestmovieever Photobomb
All roads lead to Terminus. Watch out for falling walkers. Allroadsleadtoterminus TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems newnanga vscocam vscopictures vscogood instagood photooftheday ig_treasures iggeorgia ruralgeorgia
Read Reading Reading A Book Hanging Out Relaxing Weekend Hot Chocolate Bliss Nerdgirlproblems Nerdy Book Bookworm Kublaikhan Mongol History I am a big fan of the Mongol kings. Yes they were violent and brutal, but they are fascinating!
Chilling out before we look for thangs and stuff TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems Senoiaga
More postcards in the mail today! Farthest distance: China. Postcrossing Postcards Awesome Nerdgirlproblems
Do not disturb for the next 2 hours and 16 minutes. And lest you think I'm uncivilized, that is Dreaming Tree Chardonnay in the Mason jar. WinterSoldier Iloveappletv Donotdisturb Nerdgirlproblems
In orientation,rocking a superman shirt. Professional to the max! Id say my t-shirt wearing days are over, but we all know thats a lie. Nerdgirlproblems
Can't get his wine shipped here to VT but that won't stop me from having a nice cuppa Oliver Queen coffee first thing in the morning. Nerdgirlproblems Goodmorning Coffee Riseandgrind nockingpointcoffee @amelladventures
Truth. ? At home not feeling well today and this cheered me up. 11 years, Gandalf!! Haha Goodmorning MORNINGFUNNY Gandalf Nerdgirlproblems
Perfect way to wind down after a fantastic, long weekend: Holy Basil and Chamomile tea, my super-shaggy comfy pillow, the windows open to try to catch a cool breeze, and the remote that brings me Sam and Dean (the comic episode!). Begoodpeople NightNight Nerdgirlproblems Goodnight
Awesomeness in the mail from The Mountain Themountain Icelandsstrongestman Nerdgirlproblems
Sunday morning Walking Dead study. Nerdgirlproblems Thewalkingdead UCIrvine Socscisurvival learnin'
Best. Loot Crate. Ever. Lootcrate Lootcratejuly2014 Villains  Nerdgirlproblems hellyes youjelly
At least my coffee doesn't have to wait until February TWD Thewalkingdead Nerdgirlproblems Daryl redneck coffee goodmorning
Bracelet made from a shell casing from the set of season 4 of The Walking Dead. Direct from Senoia, GA. Thank you Miss Wendy! Awesome Nerdgirlproblems TWD Thewalkingdead senoiaga
TBT  Throwbackthursday  100daysofhappy Me. My grandmother. Nerdgirlproblems gottalovethe70s hulk
Apropos cup for my evening's entertainment. Homemade vanilla chai with sugar-free almond milk. I made it so. Nerdgirlproblems Nerdhumor Scifi Startrek thenextgeneration chaitea yum
Ma, you are such a nerd. Nerdgirlproblems Crossingfingers Comiccon Waitingpatiently