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Industrial cart ready to roll on down the road. Pick it up! Hingestore Homedecor Industrial Loftliving
This amazing cabinet has all of the drawer dividers and is in amazing industrial shape. 4 feet tall 2 feet wide and on sale! $145 is all it takes to take it home! Hingestore Homedecor Industrial Loftliving sale
Today we created this large scale room divider for a loft space downtown. One side is 8 x 18, the other is 8 x 11. This is one option, we can also customize the divider to have images or patterns. We understand the scale of a room and help you to create an environment in your home. (Oh and we also did the install). Hingestore Cincinnati Loftliving Loft customwork custom homedecor decorate install customsolution customize beforeandafter diy hgtv
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