Koons was playing the game. Another amazing Graffiti Mural (tributing Jeff Koons) by Street Art Duo 'Herakut’ in Bad Vilbel.
Degas was playing the game. Graffiti Mural (feat. Edgar Degas) in Bad Vilbel by Street Art Duo 'Herakut’.
More Graffiti ! ⇢ 'Lily uses her gift to make gifts' by Street Art Duo 'Herakut'.
'Kreativität ist ein Kind der Freiheit (Creativity is a child of freedom)' ~E. Teutsch
Another brilliant Graffiti Mural (feat. Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Edgar Degas, Alberto Giacometti & Banksy) in Bad Vilbel by Street Art Duo ‘Herakut’ & Street Artist Andreas von Chrzanowski (aka Case).
Nice! ⇢ 'The Giant Storybook Project' by Street Art Duo 'Herakut'