Don't run from your problems

Your people don't know that i walk away, for everything! Peace Don't Give Up Run Don't Run From Your Problems Don't Look Back
At the Huddle House in East Tennessee waiting for the rain to let up ( and having some Pretty Good Food and Coffee ) when I notice Leland from Dog The Bounty Hunter and his crew with their Latest Catch. If you're up In The Mountains toward Cleveland, TN -do yourself a favor and stop in. Great Service, Hot Coffe..☕️☕️, Excellent Breakfast and never know who you'll run into. Enjoying Life My Life In Photos What A Wonderful World JustJennifer@TruthIsBeauty TruthIsBeauty 💯 Check This Out Jennifer @TruthIsBeauty 71 EyeEm Gallery Don't Run From Your Problems Bountyhunters EyeEm Best Shots - The Streets Eyeem 🍀lucky Shots
Never run from your problems. You don't want people thinking that you're giving up. Don't Run From Your Problems Don't Give Up