Mula River

Filial Piety.. I was quietly observing devotees come and go at this temple beside the Mula river... I found it quite touching seeing this mother and son hand in hand.. pure luck i captured this Candid Streetphotography Portrait Traveling The Human Condition We Are Family Love Without Boundaries
Ive been all over india to so many beautiful heritage sites, palaces, wilderness landscapes, and mountains, but its India's people who amaze me most and who have forever changed my opinion of this vast country... Just 2 hours ago I met 65 year old Mr Bankat Gaikwad, my curiosity had taken me to the banks of this river to shoot the wandering horse, when along came this old man who sat nearby me. A few moments of muttering to each other, we realised communication was not possible, so he got out his bansuri flute and started playing (something that he's been doing since 14 years old). A divine moment, as we both just looked out at the Mula river, watched eagles fly and horses grazing. Eventually I asked my driver to come to translate. Mr Bankat told me he comes regularly here to play by himself in peace, and asked me to come again tomorrow when he will use his flute with portable loudspeaker to attract snakes (today his batteries ran out). I did a double take, what?!?! are they poisonous I asked, yes was the reply. As a I shook hands with Mr Gaikwad, I walked very carefully back to my car looking down at my feet. I'm so privileged to have these moments to capture, and I love this country more and more. Traveling Candid Nature The Portraitist - 2015 EyeEm Awards
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