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President Rouhani 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷 Rouhani Iran President Unga
Right now, decorate class for our Unga . RepublicOfMoldova
The General Debate of the 70th Unga starts today in NYC ! From security to interpretation to protocol to social media , the state is set for the General Assembly, marking 70 years of the UN working for peace, human rights and development. ___________________________________ United States of America | Newyork | UN Mon | Sep 28 | 2015 Time : 09:31 Am ™🌳☔☁⚡🌈
Unga RepublicOfMoldova Lately I just noticed that i'm the only one that open my eyes.
Sincerely I love both of them. They are my classmates. This is perfection. Unga RepublicOfMoldova
We are Libyans. GlobalVillage2014 Unga Libyan
Cause we are happy family. Tb Unga Missthismoment
GlobalVillage2014 Unga Libyan GalaDinner ootd Merbokians missthismoment bigfamily happy