My buddy's monster powertrain FXR dubbed "Marni" was engulfed in flames a few days ago...heartfelt thoughts through his loss but he's in good spirit,safe and keeping it positive, the "Grey" primer fxr Marni will rise again roll out faster and angrier like Jeangrey of the X-Men! Lol and on a serious note, we're all glad that he's ok. Thoughts out to you my "Bor" . Pics taken from @rizkymandra and @ucuplawless instagram. GTcrew Greaserstemple familia SSMC lawless_jkt
Running through the Greaserstemple family Homevideo . GTcrew WhatididlastSunday Sunday family jakartaitukeren @rizkymandra @wrabakti @kickasschoppers @guitasarosa @nadyapramesrani
Through it all. Greaserstemple GTcrew Family WhatididlastSunday gopro homevideo @rizkymandra @nadyapramesrani Kai @misshotrodqueen
Goodmorning my Greaserstemple familia, always in my thoughts...since 08. GTcrew