Breakfast , see...."normal people" food! Not just Eggwhites and Wholemealbread Fried vermicillinoodles carbs fats in moderation flexibledieting ifitfitsyourmacros IIFYM with proper training foodformyabs ihearthaters
Yum! Mozzarella Mozzarellacheese Tomato Pine Wholemealbread Rest Yummy
Simple tastes.. 5 cereals bread and (family made) organic extra virgin olive oil.. mmmh! Easy but delicious! Puglia Pugliagram Saporidipuglia Italy Italia Southernitaly Bread Wholemealbread Extraverginoliveoil Extraverginedioliva Olioextraverginedioliva Olioselfmade Lunchtime Lunch 100ita Thisispuglia Volgopuglia Volgofoggia Volgoitalia Official_italian_food
My second bread—wholemeal linseed loaf!🍞🍴🍸 Correct amount of sugar is the key of successful fermentation 👍 Fermentation Bread Wholemealbread Homemade
Enjoying Life Healthylife Wholemealbread Yogurt Zone
Good morning.. ☺ it's cloudy Goodmorning Buongiorno Cloudyday Nuvoloso Tuesday Italy Puglia Breakfast BreakfastTime  Colazioneitaliana Colazione Cappuccino Marmellata Jam Paneintegrale Wholemealbread Haveaniceday Italianfood Italian_food_official
Whole meal bread with 5 cereals Wholemealbread Bread5cereals Paneintegrale Pane Paneai5cereali Panefresco Puglia Italy Volgopuglia Volgofoggia 100ita Buonappetito Thisispuglia Loves_puglia Love_puglia Official_italian_food Verso_sud_foods Verso_sud Igerspuglia Igersfoggia Igersitalia Igpuglia Igitalia Pugliagram Puglia_city pugliagram
Seeded loaf of wholemeal bread Bread Wholemeal Wholemealbread Sliced The Colour Of Life Brown Close-up No People Macro Food Foodphotography Diet Home Is Where The Art Is
Lunchtime : Rucolaselvatica , fresh Piccadillytomatoes and grilled Wholemealbread ,we call it Bruschetta ☺Italy Puglia Volgopuglia Volgofoggia_ Thisispuglia Official_italian_food Puglia_super_pics Pugliafood Pugliagram Puglia_city Loves_united_puglia Bestpugliapics Verso_sud_foods Pugliaintavola Mangiareinpuglia Loves_puglia Love_puglia Igerspuglia Igersitalia Through_italy italianfood loveliveitaly foodsudsystem italyfoodprn italian_food
Baking Bread Organic Food Pao Pan Casero Wholefoods Wholemealbread
Early. Morning Breakfast Eggwhites Wholemealbread sriracha coffee Sunday (and a banana...somewhere)
Favourite Bread bun Always Blueberry Wholemealbread Breakfast
No, you're boring....I'm rocking it! Breakfast Overnightoatsinajar Wholemealbread Eggwhites perfect spotted banana coffee Eat alwayshungry
...and you know it. Breakfast Eggwhites Cottagecheese Wholemealbread and all day everyday HotSauce extra hot sriracha
What better, after a huge plate of rice n'chicken.. Nutella on Wholemealbread Sahur  Eat yo!
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