Symmetry Phobic. Symmetryphobia Fixed Whateverfcuk
Been ages since I played Futsal I got a perfect shoe for this! Vans fo life! Whateverfcuk
Its a Yamaha Caferacer Whateverfcuk Makingshitwork fun
I think Jay Cutler was here... Dayumson Shiteverywhere Whateverfcuk 3bucksApop gym Wellness Fitness tidyupyoshitSon AsweatAday gympigs
Brookssaddles The 'Louis Vuitton' for bicycle saddles...I think? Whateverfcuk Fixed B15Swallow gonnabeapaininthebuttreally poserparts
How we Digitalhobo roll? Mkaay... Morningstroll Motorcyclebuddies Whateverfcuk jeep
Kids are asleep that's all for my Humpday ....Goodnight and watchout for Uncle Rogers....I meant Monsters!!...or Whateverfcuk
More Throwbackthursday  of when I used to paint Motorcycleshit Gixxer carbon wrapped tank....people have the weirdest imaginations. Whateverfcuk artisart FTW
Lift angry. AsweatAday Fitness Whateverfcuk