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The Green Mean Machine • DYK: Hulk (Bruce Banner) first appeared in a comic in 1965 called "The Incredible Hulk No.1" & was not green, he was grey! When Bruce changes into the Hulk, he becomes an unstoppable beast of near unlimited strength, power, and destruction. The Hulk’s strength is probably the greatest in the Marvel universe, with many foes falling to his thunderous attacks. The Hulk is also able to leap great distances traveling for miles before bounding upwards again. For his size, the Hulk is incredibly fast and can run great distances at extreme speeds. The hulk is also highly resistant to damage, being near impervious to most forms of damage. Very little has been known to faze the Hulk, except those of the same power level as the Hulk such as The Thing, Thor, Abomination, and others.