Ive been asked to list down my 20factsaboutme .. so, here it is.. 1. My name is Zulaika, no no .. not ZULAIKHA, Nabi Yusuf's wife 2. People always spell my name wrong.. Z U L A I K A with no 'H' ?? 3. Mommy's girl 4. Typical Scorpio♏ 5. Mix blood 6. Talkative and laugh like silly one 7. ❤ all Walt'z Disney & Barbie Movie.. and ohh ohh 'd' fairytale ending?? 8. Yes, I do ❤ travelling✈ (wish to travel around the world, and wait who's with me ?) 9. Beach ??? 10. Rarely cry but if I cry, its either about friendship or u have break my heart?? 11. Love wearing makeup??? 12. Bad at decision making 13. When I was a kid, I wanna be a stewardess ? 14. I ❤ my haters, cause they make me famous ?? 15. Singing ia my passion? 16. Always wanted to play guitar ? 17. I procrastinate ? 18. I believes in karma. Always do good, and good will always come to you .. 19. I ❤ reading inspirational quotes or articles Which explains why I sleep so late everynight 20. I wanna get rich and successful in the future, but I hope its something I gain it with my future husband ? Building our empire and future together.. aww Thats romantic?? Well thats it.. I finally made it yeayyyy??? It took an hour to think about 20factsboutme Neway, wanna more? Ask me. Thanks for ur time reading.. I love u olls muchos..
20factsboutme , nominated by @vulengoctram. Supposed to be doing project work at the moment but... nvm. 1. I'm attracted to smart people. Yep. smart is the new sexy :") 2. People tends to ask me for relationship advice and I'm suck at it :)) 3. Suffer from severe symptoms of excessive worlding. In other words, easily distracted. 4. Love to smell books, rain and Chinese herbal medicine. 5. Can sleep almost everywhere at anytime without having to feel sleepy. 6. Broke my left arm when I was small. I'm the only one who knows the reason. 7. Like everything that is beautiful or art-related. 8. Like to look at people's noses (beside striking features :)) ) 9. My brain can't function normally if I'm forced to stay indoors for a long time. Just 've got to go out. 10. Like to talk about superficial stuff (don't have to spend too much brain energy --> typical symptom of laziness). 11. Open to all sorts of personalities. As for mine, feel free to judge. I don't care B-) 12. Spend lots of time embracing the sky. it brings me a sense of limitless liberty. 13. Tend to wear sleeping clothes outdoors and good ones to sleep. Trying to change this habit tho. 14. Sometimes tend to exaggerate things. 15. Love to laugh. 16. Don't like to talk. Pretty quiet at home. Most of the time when I open my mouth, it's be cuz I feel like there's a need to do so. 17. Like people who can Cook WELL :3 18. Like to clean my room, then mess it up, then clean it again. 19. Abstract random type. 20. Choose friends carefully. Once a friend, forever a friend. I don't know who to tag so yeah it's pretty random haha. For those who get tagged, just do it. it's very fun :D