"I'm banksy" Art Aerieart Graffiti Streetart stencils dance hiphop breakdance me imbanksy loljk spraypaint black PUTITEVERYWHERE ofcourseidmakeadancestencil toomanyhashtags
So yeah, more sniglets of my art project~ Art Artproject Aerieart Abstract bleach sumibrush watercolor indiaink shniglet
I love how the majority of my classes this year are just art classes; I literally just sit around doing art all day. Aerieart Art Sketch Drawing portfolio project girl red sepia redchalk graphite
Colored by society, unable to show her face. Abstract Art Aerieart Artproject face charcoal
What a strange feeling Art Aerieart Sketch Latenightsketchss drawing face flowers
An explosion of chaos~ Art Aerieart Zentangle Ricksparadox illusion