I don't know how to explain, but I can't get enough of this kind of view. Arcticcircle Aeroplane Aerialview Snowymountain Fromtheair FromTheWindow FrozenLand Norwegianair NorwegianAirline Visitnorway VisitTromso Oslo Frozenlake Fromabove Samsungnote4 Note4
Coming from a country near the equator where it is almost impossible to see real Snow on Mountains , I was so ecstatic throughout this two hours flight from Oslo to Tromso . Little did I know there are still plenty of snow in the Arcticcircle even in March. With an Aerial view as magnificent as this, I had both my Nikond7000 in one hand and my Samsungnote4 in another all the time, ready to shoot. This particular one was shot with my Note4 . VisitTromso Visitnorway Visitoslo Norwegian Norway Norwegianairlines Flyinghigh Bluesky Snowymountain Landscape Fromtheair Frozen FrozenLand Travelog Travel Backpacking AdventureSeeker
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